Flowering VINES and plant vines

Are you looking for new, creative ways to add character to your home and garden? Hollandale Landscaping and Garden Centre in Trenton, Ontario, provides a beautiful selection of flowering vines and vine plants.

Vines are beautifully unique form of outdoor home and garden decor. Whether used to hide the outdated siding, accent the gorgeous brick exterior, or decorate the garden trellis, these vertically growing plants are a great addition to your home and garden design plans. 

Vines have the ability to grow vertically and wrap around a variety of surfaces, proving them to be a flexible gardening option! Many of our clients use flowering vines to blend their outdoor archways and fences together with their gardens. They are also used to provide shade and grow fruit! 

Contact one of our gardening experts at Hollandale Landscaping and Garden Centre to discuss how plant and flowering vines can benefit your home and garden design. You can also visit our garden nursery on Highway 2 in Trenton, Ontario, to see how our garden and landscaping experts are utilizing vines on location!

We are looking forward to helping you plan, design and grow your garden!