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Visit the Hollandale Garden Centre in Trenton and discover the garden essentials that will help your garden to grow and thrive! Our garden specialists are on location and ready to provide you with the essential gardening advice you need to create your perfect garden paradise. 

We make gardening easy for you!

Whether you are a beginner gardener or have years of experience growing and maintaining your flower bed, Hollandale has the essentials required to help get the job done! With a large selection of high quality mulch, fertilizer, gardening tools, peat moss and more, we are your one stop shop in Quinte for all your gardening needs! With 10,000 square feet of garden essentials, you are bound to find the exact tools, products and plants that you are looking for.


Garden Soil Essentials at Hollandale Garden Centre 

We provide a large selection of high quality garden soil essentials for our Quinte gardeners - always striving to give you the right soils for your garden! 

  • Mulch 
  • Fertilizer 
  • Peat Moss
  • And More!

Keeping your garden soil fresh and healthy is essential in keeping it thriving. Using these soil essentials will not only improve the look of your garden as a whole, but they will also aid in keeping your soil moist, improving its fertility and preventing excessive weed growth. Whether you are protecting your soil from the outside, with top quality mulch, or from the inside, with nutrient-filled fertilizers, Hollandale, just outside of Belleville, has the perfect solution!


Visit Quinte’s Garden Specialists 

Every garden is unique - whether that be in relation to its location, appearance, soil type, amount of available sunshine etc. At Hollandale Landscaping and Garden Centre Ltd., we strive to provide you with the necessary tools and inspiration to create and maintain the garden of your dreams. Let’s get your garden growing healthy again! With the right amount of essential gardening care, your flower beds will be thriving in no time 

It’s time to tend to your garden and watch it flourish! Contact our garden specialists at (613) 392-7806, visit our Garden Centre on Hwy. 2 in Trenton or request an appointment with our qualified landscaping and gardening experts by filling in the form below!


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