Garden Maintenance

There is nothing more wonderful then beautiful gardens in glorious bloom. Walk through the Hollandale Garden Centre and you immediately feel different. A beautiful garden can make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Everyone wants their gardens to be beautiful but how? It takes a lot of garden maintenance and garden care to get it looking that good...and then maintaining it. How can the weekend gardener maintain beautiful gardens that look like the garden centre?

Here at Hollandale, we get asked these questions all the time and we love the questions because it's these questions that differentiate us from all other places that sell seasonal flowers. It's important to us that you are satisfied and we will invest the time talking with you, helping to educate on the best products to suit your unique location and your desired level of garden maintenance involvement.

Whether you want annuals that do well in the sun or a low maintenance garden that requires little water and rebirths itself every spring, Hollandale staff are here to help!

Contact Us online today, visit our Garden Centre or Request an appointment for landscape design.