Quinte Garden Care And Maintenance

Quinte Garden Care and Maintenance

There are few things more wonderful than walking through a beautiful garden in glorious bloom. A beautiful garden can make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated - allowing your senses to linger on its natural smells, gorgeous landscaping and unique features - unless of course that garden is not being maintained properly.

The amount of time and energy needed in order to properly maintain a beautiful garden, either seasonally or throughout the year, is extensive. This is why our team strives to provide you with the highest quality, gardening maintenance advice that fits not only your landscape, but also your schedule. Everyone wants their gardens to flourish, but how do you maintain your garden properly, ensure that it is being cared for correctly and still have the time to sit back and enjoy it?


Gardening advice from the experts

Our gardening experts at Hollandale Garden Centre are asked this question quite frequently. We know how important your garden maintenance is to you, as well as how difficult it is to know how to properly care for it within your busy schedule. That’s why we strive to invest the necessary time in talking with you about your specific garden needs. We can help you understand and invest in the best garden products that suit your unique location and schedule. Once we understand your desired level of garden maintenance involvement, we can advise you on specific plants and products, manageable garden designs and helpful garden maintenance tips that will keep your garden in perfect condition!

Whether you are looking for a high maintenance garden or a low maintenance garden, our team knows just the products that you need. Looking for high maintenance plants, such as annuals that do well in the sun? Low maintenance plants that require little water and rebirth every spring without you having to care for them? Hollandale staff are here to advise, recommend and walk you through the process of caring for all your garden needs.

At Hollandale Garden Centre, we pride ourselves in maintaining our own Garden Centre plants and landscape, while also caring for yours. We want you to experience the beauty that properly cared for gardens have to offer! 

How do we do that? By offering you the same level of garden maintenance tips and tricks that we ourselves use to maintain our beautiful garden nursery! Have you taken the scenic drive on Highway 2 through Trenton and Brighton to see our fully stocked Garden Centre? Come take a peek yourself! Whether you are looking for garden maintenance advice, perennial inspiration, stone accents or new garden accessories to brighten up your home and/or commercial gardens, Hollandale has the selection you are looking for and more!


Visit Quinte's Garden Experts

Let’s make your garden stand out from the rest with unique garden features, quality plants and most importantly a manageable garden maintenance schedule that you can keep up with! 

Don’t let your garden intimidate you! Contact our team today at (613) 392-7806, visit our Garden Centre or request an appointment with our qualified garden and landscaping experts at Hollandale Garden Centre by filling in the form below! We promise to provide the best gardening advice and highest quality gardening products in the Quinte area! 


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